"'The U.S. Enfield Bayonet' is, indeed, a masterpiece of reference writing, far surpassing anything I have tried to do. I am sure it will become the last and final word on the subject of the Model 1917 bayonet and, to a great extent, on the rifle also.”
     Gary M. Cunningham (United States of America)
Author, U.S. Knife Bayonets and Scabbards

"Highly recommended to all bayonet enthusiasts and any warrior that ever carried a bayonet. This book is a wonderful and detailed history of the bayonet and its variations, and the many countries and servicemen it served."

     Brigadier General R. Dennis Kerr - U.S. Army - Retired (United States of America)


"A comprehensive and impressive work on a significant bayonet type, with excellent illustrations and photography."
     Jonathan Ferguson (United Kingdom)
     Curator of National Firearms, National Firearms Centre, Royal Armouries

"Morrison has provided bayonet enthusiasts with a reference work that will become the gold standard in its subject. Collectors and preservers of history will long benefit from his detailed research and coverage of the Enfield bayonet."
     Derek Complin (Canada)

"It is a pleasure to support 'The U.S. Enfield Bayonet,' a project of depth and effort unique to this bayonet's history. Dan Morrison has created a superb volume on a bayonet that has honorably served the United States military from 1917 into the 21st century."
     Homer Brett, U.S. Marines - Retired (United States of America)
     Author, MCMAP (Edged Weapons Expert), SME-Edged Weapons
     Participated in radical redesign of U.S. Army M9 bayonet, design/testing/adoption of
     USMC OKC3S bayonet and M11 EOD knife (used by all five U.S. services)

"An excellent book... scholarly and well researched."
     Bruce Canfield (United States of America)

“The first half of Morrison’s book provides a background on the development and distribution of the American bayonet, at home and abroad.  The second half of the book provides technical information to curators and collectors on identifying bayonets and scabbards. Trench warfare during the First World War made the standardization of bayonet fighting critical, and Morrison expertly explores the development of these training … The author’s passion for the subject and his mastery of the material permeates this book.  An important read for collectors or those interested in learning the impact of hardware on military culture."

     Major Casey Baker, U.S. Army (United States of America)

“Daniel Morrison has taken one of the most iconic elements of military history and finally given it the spotlight it deserves. His work on the Enfield Bayonet is a key research document for both enthusiasts and scholars of military historiography.  This work is a must for collectors, libraries, war reenactors and researchers on one of the most historic advancements in military weaponry.”

    Captain Robert Coombs, 5th Military Information Support Battalion, 8th Military Information

    Support Group, U.S. Army (United States of America)

"A really enjoyable study. I particularly liked the use of the database and the 'human' aspects."

     Graham Priest (United Kingdom)