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The definitive book about the P1913 and M1917 bayonet! Nearly 470 pages of text cover its unique relationship to the P1914/M1917 rifle (and bayonet-adapted shotguns) and the countries where it was issued. There are also more than 490 photographs, drawings, tables and production charts. This book is an invaluable "must have" for collectors, museums, authors, re-enactors, students, and dealers. "The U.S. Enfield Bayonet" has been printed in dust jacket hardcover and features extensive black & white artwork.

P1913  M1917  M1917(Vietnam)

The U.S. Enfield Bayonet


"A masterpiece of reference writing... the last and final word on the Model 1917 bayonet.”
Gary M. Cunningham (U.S.A.)

Author, U.S. Knife Bayonets and Scabbards

"A comprehensive and impressive work on a significant bayonet type with excellent illustrations and photography."'
 Jonathan Ferguson (United Kingdom)

Curator of National Firearms, National Firearms Centre, Royal Armouries

“The author’s passion for the subject and his mastery of the material permeates this book.  An important read for collectors or those interested in learning the impact of hardware on military culture."
Major Casey Baker, U.S. Army (U.S.A.)

"Morrison has provided bayonet enthusiasts with a reference work that will become the gold standard in its subject. Collectors and preservers of history will long benefit from his detailed research and coverage of the Enfield bayonet."
Derek Complin (Canada)

"Highly recommended for all bayonet enthusiasts and any warrior that ever carried a bayonet.."
Brigadier General R. Dennis Kerr, U.S. Army - Retired (U.S.A.)