27 June 2017
Hello Dan,
Just wanted to let you know your book arrived this afternoon and a very impressive, scholarly tome it obviously is.
Haven't gotten any further yet than the Acknowledgements, but was struck by how many of those folks I've corresponded and/or spoken with over the years - a reminder of just how small a world the ranks of serious militaria collectors really is. 
My M.O.S. in Special Forces from '69 to '71 was Weapons, so I naturally have a relatively decent representative collection of U.S. arms. Having been born in England, Mum, Dad and most of my uncles were WW II vets in the RAF and the Army, while my grandfather survived the trenches of WW I. My wife's grandfather did his service in France in WW I with the A.E.F., but not surprisingly, my primary collecting focus has been British Commonwealth military arms. As you can imagine, with my personal history and interests, it's not often that a reference encompasses many of the different subjects important to me, so I find the last line of the title of your book strangely appropriate.
Can't wait to get stuck into it. When I'm done this book will undoubtedly go on the top shelf of my reference library with Ian's books and right next to Graham's Spirit of the Pike. I will certainly be recommending it to my collector friends.
Many thanks for the inscription, but more importantly, thank you for taking the time to create this wonderful reference.
Best Regards,